Publication Cover Shots

[SCANNING 9-93] Cover Photo of SCANNING Vol. 15,5 (1993) Honoring Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Dr. H. Rohrer

[Photonics Spectra 9-96 Cover] Photonics Spectra ® September 1996 "A Map of Europe in Nanometer Scale"

[SCANNING 11-96 Cover] SCANNING November 1996 Vol.18, 8 "High Resolution Lithography with Near-Field Optical Microscopy"

[Langmuir 6-96 Cover] Langmuir 6/12/96 Vol.12 No. 12 STM of Tetramethylthiourea on Au(111)

[Award Winning Grasshopper Eye] Journal of Microscopy, April 1996 Award Winning Grasshopper Eye.

[Semiconductor Grid] International Laboratory, Mar 92 Semiconductor grid.

[Polymer Crystals] European Microscopy and Analysis, Jan 93 Polyethylene crystals.

[DNA and Cantilever] Microscopy and Analysis, Jul 93 (Premier Issue: USA Edition) Optical (Life Sciences Explorer) image of DNA and AFM Cantilever.

[NSOM Probe] Microscopy and Analysis, Sept 93 Close-up view of a Scanning NSOM probe.

[R&D Cover] R&D Magazine, Oct 93 AlSiCu thin film

[Chick Cell] Microscopy and Analysis, Jan 94 AFM image of chick cell.

[Cantilever and DNA] Microscopy Today, Jan/Feb 94 Cantilever and DNA (optical Image from Life Sciences Explorer).

[MFM Image] Microscopy and Analysis, Jul 94 MFM Image of NdFeB alloy.

[Collagen] JMSA, 95 Vol 1 No. 3 Collagen Imaged with AFM.

[Aluminum Alloy on Si] JMSA Cover, 95 Vol 1 No 4 AFM image of Aluminum Alloy on Si

[Titanium -Tungsten Grains] Microscopy Today, Nov 95 Non-Contact AFM on Titanium Tungsten Grains

[Laser Crater] Quality, Nov 95 Laser Crater

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