Silicone Resin Coated Steel, Imaged with AFM and Frictional Force Microscopy (LFM)

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(left = Topography, right = Frictional properties map) Click each image for full view (48k)

This steel surface was treated by a brushed on monomolecular layer of silicone resin to minimize its frictional characteristics. The uncoated side of the sample (left side) is seen to have higher friction in the Frictional Force image on the right.

NOTE: - By monitoring the tip movement as seen by and mapping the differences in the left and right hemispheres of the sensor, higher frictional qualities of the sample are shown in the image as bright peaks. Both images are acquired simultaneously for direct comparison and correlation to surface topographic effects.

By F. Lin, and D. J. Meier, Michigan Molecular Institute, 1910 West St. Andrews Rd., Midland, MI 48640-2696

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