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Areas of Interest
(Nuclear Pore] Preparation of the Nuclear Envelope of Xenopus Laevis for AFM Imaging
[IDEMA]AFM as a Failure Analysis Tool for Hard Disk Drives
[nM]The NanoManipulator (nM) Project at UNC
[folant]FOLANT Method Offers Unique Capabilities
[e-chem] Structure and Dynamics of
Tetramethylthiourea on Au(111) by STM

(Magneto-optic with NSOM] Magneto-optic imaging with NSOM
NSOM] NSOM Spectroscopy of Small Molecular Crystals
[NSOM-TMV] Biological Applications of NSOM
Crystalline Polymers: Imaging by AFM
AFM as a Problem-Solving Tool
Mapping the Human Genome (W.M.Heckl)
NearContact(tm) Scanning
SPM Imaging Modes
Force Distance Mapping
[Red Blood Cell] Imaging Red Blood Cells
[Lateral Force Image]Imaging Self-Assembled Monolayers Lateral Force Microscopy
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