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TopoMetrix conceives, develops, and manufactures innovative Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) products using designs that are invented and patented by TopoMetrix or licensed from Stanford University, AT&T, and IBM (whose researchers were awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics for their original work), or based upon publications and other information in the public domain.

TopoMetrix continues to develop innovative techniques to expand the capabilities of scanning probe microscopy. The creativity, innovation and speed of product development of new TopoMetrix products has impressed their customers and the SPM community as evidenced by the quality and scope of the patents issued and in presecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and foreign Patent Offices. The patents TopoMetrix has been granted by the USPTO for its innovations represent novel departures from others' approaches to scanning probe microscopy. In addition, the company has applied for many U.S. and foreign patents to cover recent innovations used in the Universal Sample AFM, Explorer AFM, Non-Contact AFM and other products.

As in any high technology industry, each manufacturer has applied for patents on aspects of their design that they consider unique. TopoMetrix, as an innovator in this field, has developed technology that is patentaby distinct from those pursued by other SPM companies and this has resulted in outstanding product capabilities. These design approaches are not based upon, nor are they extensions of, methods patented by other suppliers, but represent the cornerstone of entirely different approaches to solving problems of increased performance and lower cost for scanning force microscopes.

The benefits of this technical development, of course, ultimately go to the customer, who can continue to add new capabilities to their instruments as the exciting field of SPM continues to develop.

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