New LUMINA™ from TopoMetrix


The Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope Can Now Be Added
Commercial Inverted Optical Microscopes

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A major advance in near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) was unveiled by TopoMetrix at Analytica '96. Researchers can now add NSOM to their existing high-quality, commercial inverted optical microscope and take advantage of the vast array of commercially available filters, beam splitters, detectors, etc.

[NSOM-PC] NSOM of Polytene Chromosomes

TopoMetrix unveils the next generation in microscope instrumentation ....optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and near-field optical microscopy can be combined on your experiment....simultaneously.

[Lumina Standard]Lumina™ Standard Sample

NSOM breaks the diffraction limit barrier to spatial resolution. It offers all of the advantages of optical microscopy plus the extremely high resolution (less than 50 nm) of a scanning probe microscope.

[NSOM-TMV] Near-field TMV

The LUMINA™ near-field scanning optical microscope can be mounted to the stage of existing inverted optical microscopes. The LUMINA™ design uses a new low noise platform for high stability in all scan modes. It also utilizes the Accurex head design, allowing the instrument to be easily and quickly converted to all SPM modes.

[NSOM-Muscle Tissue] Near-field Optical Muscle Tissue

In addition to making this technique readily available for researchers, there are two major new NSOM advances in the LUMINA™:

* LUMINA™ includes AccuTune™, a tuning fork-based non optical feedback sensor with AccuTune™ automatic optimization of non contact resonance. Because there is no laser necessary with AccuTune, there is no extraneous light to interfere with spectroscopic and other low-light photon counting experiments.

* The LUMINA™ also includes TrueMetrix™, a closed-loop scan linearizer that provides distortion-free imaging and elimination of piezo hysteresis and creep, allowing the user to zoom, pan, and rotate scan direction to get the highest resolution image possible of a specific feature of interest.

[NSOM Liquid] High Resolution NSOM in Liquid