A Family of Scanning Probe Microscopes For The Research Scientist

Discoverer™ is an integrated scanning probe microscope (SPM) system that combines outstanding performance with exceptional flexibility and ease-of-use. It is designed to support the widest range of laboratory experimentation and analyses. It features integral vibration isolation, a 45 view of the sample and probe tip, and optional on-axis (90) viewing of the sample for the utmost in setup convenience and application flexibility.

Discoverer™ SPM was developed to meet the needs of research scientists and engineers whose requirements and applications cover a broad spectrum. It provides the full compliment of SPM capabilities and features and can accommodate optional hardware components and software modules for special applications. It acquires and displays data with the highest resolution and accuracy.

In addition to providing users with the ability to operate in the full continuum of AFM scanning modes, as well as STM, MFM / EFM, electrochemical and thermal force modes, Discoverer™ offers the following significant features:

Integral vibration isolation and acoustic shielding that permits routine atomic-level data acquisition

Flow-through environmental cell for operating in liquids and gases

Multiple-lens optical system with a 45 viewing angle and manual adjustment of focus and magnification allowing easy location of fine features and providing a view of the tip/sample separation

MultiView™ on-axis optical viewing permits viewing the sample and cantilever through a high-magnification optical microscope

Windows™ software platform with multiple-channel data acquisition and display capability, tilt removal, shading, filtering, and simultaneous image acquisition and analysis

Computer controlled X-Y sample translation stage which, when combined with high-performance optics, simplifies locating sample features

Automatic image acquisition surveys using TopoMetrix' exclusive Step-n-Scan™ software for unattended scanning at numerous sample locations

Interchangeable scanning heads minimize the time required to change scanning methods

Interchangeable scanners for quick and easy change of scan ranges.

Powerful software options including "One-Pass Imaging" for MFM/EFM, "Layered Imaging™" permitting creation of Force-Distance curves, and a variety of spectroscopic analyses and analysis packages, such as Bearing Ratio, Microroughness, Fractal Analysis, and Grain and Particle Characterization.

System Configuration

Everything needed to perform SPM imaging is available with Discoverer™. This includes: the basic SPM data station with connections for interchangeable stages; AFM and/ or STM sensors and scanners- 1OOX, 15OX, 20OX or 40OX magnification optics with CCD camera and monitor for 45 viewing of sample and probe tip;- integral vibration isolation-, computer-controlled X-Y sample positioning stage; electronic control system; a Pentium 133 MHz workstation; and complete Windows™-based operating and image analysis software. A liquid/gas cell, AFM and STM electrochemistry cell package, Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SthM), Magnetic Force and Electric Field Microscopy (MFM/EFM) are just a few of Discoverer™'s many options.

Open-architecture design, compatibility with all other TopoMetrix TMX2000™ systems, an extensive feature set, and a broad range of available options make Discoverer™ an ideal tool for laboratories engaged in atomic, molecular and nanometer-level research.