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2k Ruthenium Oxide Resistor
 Generic Calibration The generic calibration for a 2k Oxford ruthenium oxide resistor. This is appropriate for all the temperature sensors in the dilution refrigerator except for R1.
Calibrated Resistor The calibration for an Oxford 3k ruthenium oxide resistor. I don't know where this resistor is.
Dilution Refrigerator The dilution refrigerator in 13-2072.
 Insert Specification General specifications for the new insert. These are unfortunately woefully incomplete.
 R7 Calibration A calibration of R7 in the insert versus an unknown calibrated resistor.
 Notes on Running the Fridge Notes from Hobun for Predrag on running the fridge. A calibration for a few points on R7 is included.
 Dilution Refrigerator Schematic (ps)
 Dilution Refrigerator Schematic (tiff)
Dilution Refrigerator Magnet
 Old Dilution Refrigerator Magnet Pinout Pinout on the magnet connector. This seems to be for the old insert and magnet, and is not correct.
 Magnet Note A note from Oxford on the installation of the new magnet. Possibly not very useful.
 Correct Pinout The correct pinout for the magnet connector. This neads to be neatened before I forget how to read it.
 Magnet Parameter The controller settings for this magnet, as recorded by Gary. These are believed to be correct.
 Magnet Parameters The parameters for the magnet as provided by Oxford. These seem to be for the current magnet (Jan 27 2004) on the dilution refrigerator.
IPS 120 Magnet Power Supply
 Blank Parameters Page A blank sheet for recording the settings on the IPS120, in case of damage to the controller or other difficulties.