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B&B ElectronicsMakers of the RS232 A/D and D/A converters we use.
COTOElectronics Components (Relays)
Cryogenic Information
FujitsuKnown by many names
Homebuilt BoxesDocumentation for homebuilt boxes, including circuit diagrams and manufacturer's literature about electronic components.
Ingenuity Smart and Simple PlayardIngenuity Smart and Simple Playard Types of Pack ‘N Plays There are a couple of types of playards to choice from on today’s market. You can find your everyday basic model all the way to your model that has everything but the kitchen sink. Choosing the right playard will depend on how you intend on using it. Basic Pack ‘N Play Your basic model of pack ‘n plays includes the enclosed space that your baby can play in to occupy their time or catch a little nap. Some of the basic playards will include a couple of features such as a changing table or a bassinet. The main features of the basic models are the fact that they are lightweight and portable making them ideal for parents on the go. Another great factor of the basic playard is that most of them are generally inexpensive. Deluxe Pack ‘N Play Your deluxe models of pack ‘n plays will have additional options and features to make life easier. Not only will some offer a bassinet or changing table, but some deluxe models have vibrating seats, storage areas, thicker mattresses, entertainment such as sounds, music, and lights, mobiles, and other great features. However, with the extras come a heavier product that cost more. Features of Pack ‘N Plays Here are some features that you may want to look for in your child’s Pack ‘N Play: Bassinet – Many playards come with a bassinet that is removable from the Pack ‘N Play. To remove it, you simply lift it from the Pack ‘N Play and you can use it in different places for your baby. The bassinet will sit on the top of the frame of the playard and makes it easy to pick it up. Be aware that most bassinets in Pack ‘N Plays are only good until the baby reaches about fifteen pounds. Then you simply remove the bassinet feature and use the playard by itself. Changing Table – A changing table is something else that many Pack ‘N Plays come with. They fasten securely to the frame of the playard and are removable when you don’t need it. This gives you a place to change your child without bending over on the floor if you don’t have a changing table at Grandma’s or changing on an unsafe surface such as a bed. Mesh Sides – To allow for maximum ventilation, playards have mesh sides. In addition, this allows you to be able to see your child from any angle. Storage – For added convenience, some playards come with removable cubbies or pockets. This makes it easy to store things you want close at hands such as diapers, wipes, toys, an extra set of clothes, and more. Portability – For those that are on the road frequently, Pack ‘N Plays are convenient because they are portable. All you have to do is fold them up and store them in the case that they come in. Most portable models are lightweight and compact enough to travel anywhere with while also being during and standing up to continued use. Entertainment – Pack ‘N Plays can also be entertaining for a fussy baby. Some Pack ‘N Plays come with entertainment such as toy bars or mobiles. There are even some playards that have options such as music, sounds, and lights. Canopy – To protect your baby from bright lights, sunlight, and offer some privacy, you may want to consider a canopy. Some children have a hard time taking a nap if they have disturbances from the outside world and a canopy will help talk those distractions away. Padding – The floor of the Pack ‘N Play is made of foam padding. This foam padding is where toddlers and older babies will play and sleep. Because they will spend all of their time on this padding, you want to make sure that the padding is adequate. Look for padding that is at least .75 inches thick. Style – Pack ‘N Plays come in every theme, pattern, and color that you can imagine. Whether your style is modern or traditional, or if you want a typical childlike look, you should be able to find a style that will fit any décor you are looking for. Clean-Up – Children can be messy. They may spit up or have an accident while in the playard. So only consider Pack ‘N Plays that can be cleaned easily. Look for detachable linings that can be machine washed. Twin Nappers – While this is not necessary for all new parents, but if you are blessed with twins, then you want a playard that has twin bassinets that are attached to the top. This will cut down on having to buy two playards as most twins like to be close to one another at this age anyway. Once they are too old for the bassinets, they can still use the playard. Wheels – If you will be using your Pack ‘N Play in the house and may need to move the playard from one room to another, then you may want to consider purchasing a playard that has wheels on it. It will definitely make your life easier. Folding Mechanism – Be sure that the folding mechanism on the playard that you purchase is easy to open and close and can withstand usage over a long period of time. JPMA Seal – The Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association independently tests baby products for quality and safety. If a baby product you purchase has the JPMA seal, you know that it was tested by them and passed their tests. Other Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pack ‘N Plays Here are some advantages of using a Pack ‘N Play with your children: A way to keep your baby safe We all live busy lives and can’t keep an eye on an active baby 24/7. A playard is a safe way to keep your baby occupied and safe if you follow the safety guidelines. A Pack ‘N Play is a safe place to keep your baby for a short period of time while you attend to other duties in the same area, while still keeping an eye on your baby. Playards are also a safe place to keep your baby at other people’s homes when they do not have a baby bed for you to place your baby. A Playard makes a good temporary substitute. Pack ‘N Plays are portable When it comes time to go to Grandma’s house, the last thing on your mind is how in the world you are going to get your playard to her house. That is why it is so great that Pack ‘N Plays are so portable. They have folding mechanisms that make them easy to fold, and assembly is quick and simple. They come with a convenient carrying tote and some have wheels to make it easy to move from room to room. These units have many purposes Babies require a lot of equipment. Pack ‘N Plays are great because some models fulfill several of those requirements at once. When traveling, of course, you have the playard, but in some models, you have the bassinet, changing table, storage areas, play areas, and more. And best of all, this all folds up into one unit for easy storage. Pack ‘N Plays can promote learning in babies Some of the more advanced models of the playards have entertainment centers on them that have features on them such as mobiles, toys, vibration, lights, music, and sounds. These activities can help promote auditory, tactile, and visual stimulation in children for enhanced brain development. All of this can make babies more attentive and help babies stimulate their growing senses. Safety Notes for Pack ‘N Plays You always want to keep your baby safe. In a Pack ‘N Play is no different. Take these safety measures into consideration when using a playard or Pack ‘N Play. Check the frame of the Pack ‘N Play for durability and sturdiness. The playard should be sturdy enough to last for years. When it is set up, make sure it is steady in place. Always pay strict attention to the age restrictions and weight limits for the changing tables and bassinets and abide by them. Always pay attention to the playard and look for holes or loose threads in the mesh, lining, or fabric. If you find any, do not use it until it has been repaired if able. Make sure the safety label states that the playard is BPA, phthalates, and lead free as well as free from other chemicals. Do not use previously owned playards; especially from before 2013 as safety guidelines changed after this time. Do not place anything in the playard that the baby can tangle themselves up in. Do not add toys on cords as they can become strangulation hazards.
Key High Vacuum ProductsMakers of the valves used on the IVC & OVC of our Oxford fridges
Linear Research
Mobile App Reputation Management

Reputation Management

is part of creating a mobile application. And the creator who does not think about the reputation of the brainchild even before the appearance of users on devices is bad.

Reputation management is a part of ASO marketing and influence very much on hole promotion of application and brand of your company.

What to manage? First of all, by ratings and comments in application stores.

Ratings and comments

Ratings and comments on the mobile app in the app stores are visible. Users decide to install the application based on the opinions of other users. These factors affect the conversion from page views of the application to the installation.

Ratings and comments affect the mood of investors and developers. No one will like it when they evaluate work at three points.

Ratings affect the position of the application in the TOPs. Although this is not the main criterion for ranking, it directly and indirectly (through conversion to downloads) affects the position in the TOPs.

Application Stores

Google play

1. You can respond to user reviews. About how important this will be discussed later;

2. Rating and reviews are shown for all versions of the application;

3. New ratings and reviews appear with a delay of a couple of hours;

4. Users see the number of application installations.

This factor affects the conversion from views to installations;

5. The application is tested automatically and reaches users in a couple of hours after sending a new version of Google Play;

6. Google uses the G+ button to promote applications. This metric is involved in ranking in search results and in TOPs;

7. Google Play indexes the description and name of the application for searching by keywords;

8. Allows you to add a link to a promotional video on YouTube.

App store

1. You cannot respond to user reviews;

2. By default, ratings and reviews are only visible in the current version. This is logical. If there were problems in the previous version of the application, but they were resolved in the new version, then why should users read comments about already existing problems?

One trick is connected with this - if you received a lot of negative reviews on the current version of the application, you can release a new version to hide old reviews;

3. New ratings and reviews appear with a delay of a day;

4. Users do not see the number of installations;

5. Applications are tested manually by Apple employees. Before the application reaches users, it will take from several days to several weeks;

6. The app store uses Facebook likes to promote on social networks. This metric affects the ranking of the application in the search results and in the TOPs;

7. The app store can only search by keywords that need to be filled when placing the application. The field length for keywords is limited to one hundred characters;

8. Allows you to add a video clip of the application, but severely limits this video in format, length and content.

Microsoft store

1. You can respond to user reviews; Rating and reviews are shown for all versions of the application;

2. Download statistics, reviews, ratings are updated every 2-3 days;

3. Users do not see the number of installations;

4. The application is tested automatically and reaches users within 12 hours after the release of the new version;

5. Microsoft Store can search by application name and keywords (7 words with 30 characters each).

Responses to user comments

At the time of writing, comments could be answered on Google Play and the Microsoft Store. It is important to respond to user comments, as this is a great feedback channel and it is always in sight. Users read and evaluate the answers of the developers.

1. Comments are left by people who are attuned to you either extremely negatively or extremely positively.

2. Negative comments are written by unbalanced people or people whom the application failed at an important point.

3. Positive comments are written by people for whom the application caused a wow effect.

4. People who are okay do not write comments.

As a result, the average rating of a popular application is gradually slipping to 3.

What to do?

1. Solve the user's problem and write about it in the comment;

2. Remain emotionally neutral even if the user is aggressive;

3. Prevent or filter out negative reviews at the application level. We will talk about this later.

If everything is done correctly, then two outcomes are possible.

1. Initially, an aggressive-minded user, having seen your help, and perhaps you are the only one who has not turned his back on him, will become the defender of the brand;

2. The user will continue aggressive behavior, despite your efforts. Then, in the eyes of other users, it will not look adequate, and other users will not take its opinion into account when deciding whether or not to install the application.

Leave comments yourself and make colleagues do it

Project participants should be interested in the success of the project. And they should not be limited to fulfilling their formal duties. In this context, this means that all participants in the project to create a mobile application should be its users as much as possible. There is nobody worse than a project participant who does not use the results of his own labor.

Everyone should give a rating and leave a comment, and even better - ask friends and relatives about it.

Catch users in problem areas of the application and send to support

Remember: loyal - to the application store, problematic - to the support service. Design your application in such a way as to catch users in problem areas and send them to the support service. In our practice, developing a search, we added a button - "Did not find what you were looking for?", Which was shown on the screen if the search did not return results.

When I clicked such a button, an automatic request flew to the support service with a request to add the desired content, and the user saw a message with gratitude and a promise that we would do everything. Prior to implementing this feature, users wrote inquiries to the app store, accompanied by poor ratings.

Please rate the application

If you simply add an alert asking you to rate the application, the rating of the application will deteriorate. You do not know how the user is configured in relation to you to whom you are displaying an alert, and even alerts are enrageous.

Ask to rate the application when you are sure that the user is loyal to you. For example, if you see that he has been using the application for a long time and often.

Add the ability to rate the app to the About app screen.

Separate negative and positive reviews. Make two buttons - "Like" and "Enrages" buttons. If the user clicks "Enrages", ask to describe what infuriates, and send this information to the support team, thank the user for help in developing the application. If the user clicks "Like", send to the application store, let others see a positive opinion.

Create brand advocates

A negative user who has received unexpected help in a larger volume than expected can become a defender of the brand. How important it is to have brand advocates in marketing books.

Evaluate the KPI app for manager, developers, QA, helpdesk, and marketers

The material remuneration of the creators of a mobile application should depend on the assessment and other indicators of this application.

Amended score is an important indicator. If the user changed the rating, it means that you did something well or, on the contrary, disappointed the user. In other words, a modified rating is not a relation to a product, but a relation to your interaction with a user.

When developing KPI, refer to the original source - Norton and Kaplan.

KPI abstracts:

1. Improvement comes through learning and development;

2. KPIs affecting employee remuneration should depend on them;

3. Failure to comply with KPI should not lead to fines. By penalizing employees, you run the risk of continuing to work in a society of pachyderm degenerates.

Buying reviews

I will not touch on the moral side of the problem, but I will cite the facts known to me:

1. Reviews and installations are cheap;

2. Reviews and installations are bought through job exchanges;

3. Application stores can identify and delete purchased reviews, but not all;

4. Competitors can buy you negative reviews.


1. He who does not manage a reputation does not have a reputation; Satisfied users are silent;

2. An angry user can become a brand advocate;

3. App rating is an assessment of you and your team.

National Instruments
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OmronSolid State Relays
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Salem ControlsStepper controllers and motors
Signal Recoveryaka. Perkin Elmer, aka. Agilent.
Stanford ResearchPurveyors of fine, flaky scientific equipment.
VishayPassive Electronic Components
West Bond