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Printing from Windows

To set up a printer under windows, first download the print driver needed (if any). For the color printer, this currently requires downloading the CLP510N driver from the Samsung web site. The black and white printer is a LaserJet 4050, and the driver is built into windows.

Start the add a new printer wizard, and select "Network Printer" and hit OK.

Select "Internet Connected Printer" on the next dialog, and type in the URL for the printer. To figure this out, look at the "printers" page on electron, and figure out the name of the printer you want to print to (current choices are color and lp). Then, write, with PRINTERNAME replaced by the name of the printer you want. For example, for the black and white printer, I'd write:

You can learn the printer names by going to from inside of the lab group.

Hit OK, and select an appropriate driver from the list. Try a test page and you should be good to go!